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Epic Sound 3: Jampa Stewart : The Winding Path + Deep Ecology

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Epic Sound 3: Epic Sound 3 - Jampa Stewart : The Winding Path + Deep Ecology. Sensitivity, Empathy, The beat / hippie Generation, Psychedelics, Summer of Love, Chuang Tzu, Meditation, Suffering, Zen meditation, Tibetan Buddhism, Becoming a Monk, Renouncing the World. Tai Chi, Choosing your path, Coincidence, Finding the guru, Christian Meditation, Styles of Taiji, Health, Stamp of scientific approval, Feeding the family, Chinese fortune tellers, Native American healers, Qigong healers, Animism, Medicine bags, Soul retrieval, Mantak Chia, Teacher Training, Siddhi, Various lineages of Tibetan of buddhism, Miracles, Awaken Healing Light of the Tao, The Inner Structure of Tai Chi, Taoist Cosmic Healing by Jampa Stewart, Acupuncture training, Gante Tuk Rimpoche - Great perfection teachings, Kempo Carter Rimpoche, Ganting Topu Rimpoche, Mama Tartan Rimpoche, Ken Nadro Rimpoche, Lopem Por Gedorji, Odzum Rimpoche, Thich Nhat Hanh, 5 Lineages of Tibetan Buddhism: Kagyu, Nyingma, Gelupa, Sakya. Siddiah, Siddhi, Sidhe, Sound system, Van and Root Languages, Faeries, Language and etymological research, Oral Tradition, Superpowers / abilities of the Siddhi, Fairy-Faith in Celtic Countries by W. Y. Evans Wentz, Celtic Revival, Daikinis / Sky Dancers, The Three Jewels, Tantric Buddhism, The Three Roots: Guru Blessing path to enlightenment, Perfection of Wisdom and Compassion, Dharma Protectors, Push Hands, Chang-man Ching, Mike Meluski, Rooting, Valley Spirit Wellness Center, Government and your daily life, interdependence, Connection, focus / expansion, Celtic knotwork, The Fates, 3 Spinners, 7 Stars of the Dipper, 7 Sisters, John Anthony West, Egyptian Mythology, Goddess Neith, Neters, Quantum String Theory, 8 Mythological Figures, Flower Garland Sutra, Huayan Texts, Indra’s Net, The Way of Wyrd By Brian Bates, The Animatrix, Nassim Haramien’s Unifed Field Theory, Tree of Life, Hexagram 30, Fu Xi, Yijing Scripture, Acupuncture Channels / Leylines, Lao Tzu Chapter 56, Dealing with stress, Frey and Frey’s Alphabet wheel / Sound system, The Power of Prayer / Meditation, Webs of energy / light / mind / sound or deep ecology… and more!