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Internal Alchemy

The duality of creative energy.

      Unlimited hedonism grants one less than a form of proper restraint. Think of a circuit with one side of the circuit charged positive and the other negative. The electricity flows but it doesn’t vary it just ...

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      Remnants or part of a lost global civilization from at least ten thousand years ago still remain today originating before a S.I.D.A type of global catastrophe.

      Why does academia deny the age of the Sphinx still today? When we know it was weathered by water? Old rocks tell no tales. But academia still insists on its same old story.

      Below we see a number of slides presented ...

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Looking at commonalties between eastern and western paganism

      Is it possible that across the world in times of Atlantis or thereafter there was an common worldwide occult or spiritual practice that was based in nature? In China we have the Taoist 5 elements: Water, Fire, Earth, Metal, Wood. While in the west there are four: Water, Fire, Earth, Air with an added fifth at some times: Ether, ...

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       Everyone knows about the power of strength, but not the power of weakness.

      Weakness is a also a power. But its influences are perhaps more subtle. Looking at hexagram 9, 43, and 44 found in the Yijing scripture: a Chinese book of divination and occultism with knowledge written within as old as man himself, we get some idea of this subtle and hidden power. While weakness in a ...

2001 A Space Odyssey
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"A civilization is built on what is required of men, not on that which is provided for them."

-Antoine de Saint-Exupery.            

      Domestic civilization is feminine and concrete. Nomadism is masculine and abstract. This reasoning comes from understanding the Chinese Yijing scripture, or "Book of Changes". Hexagram 1 is the masculine spirit, ...

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