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Rule Them All

Written by: | Posted on: | Category:
there is no one ring to rule them all...
perhaps not even a ring at all...
I cannot prove qigong culture works
You will never be the best of all
only gods / goddesses can be thus
no individual.
"the works the Gods do, he shall do also,
and greater"
but you won’t be in the record books
you can only be the best in your own time
and thats always relative and off record
There will always be someone
more clever than yourself
King Author
made Lancelot his champion
That broke Excalibur,
The seed of the future and past
nobody can really be the best.
You may only best yourself in your own time
(personal soul knowledge)
others will always exceed you for ALL time
show your knowledge to be insignificant
This is the path to self knowledge,
thus humility.
We are not gods or goddesses
Gods are people who had Title to be the best.
Fate decided it, not them.
There is no key of knowledge to everything
Everything / everyone is the key,
and they is the individual / the unique complex soul.
All the techniques can do is help you achieve your goal,
make you the best YOU can be in your own time,
and if that is your day and you took the time
to do what you’re trying to achieve.
So if it sounds to you like there is nothing here, there is,
but if it sounds to you like there is everything here, there isn’t.

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© 2024 Tri Of Leaf
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